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Plumbing and Gas Fitting Services

The aim of Splash and Gas is to provide an excellent, on time, efficient and affordable plumbing service in the following areas:

Bathroom Laundry and Kitchen Renovations

Splash & Gas offer high-quality, beautifully crafted kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations. Whether you are after a sleek and modern kitchen design or a luxurious bathroom renovation, complete with state of the art contemporary fittings, we can turn your dreams into reality. If you want a brand new bathroom we will handle it for you.

Leaking Taps &Toilets

A water leak is perhaps the most wasteful—and costly—of all plumbing problems you can face. Aside from all that water freely flowing from leaking taps and toilets, bathroom fixtures, burst water pipes, and water heater tanks, a water leak also exposes your home to flooding and subsequent water damage. Far too many homes have had their floors, carpets and even cabinets and furniture ruined by flooding caused by a water leak. At Splash & Gas, the skills, training, experience and equipment necessary to deal with all kinds of water leaks. Be it as simple as a leaking tap or as complicated as a burst pipe behind walls or underneath floors, our professional plumbers are more than up to the task, and should be able to solve your water leak problems in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Call today

Blocked Toilets & Drains

Is your toilet slow to drain, partially flushes or seems to be completely blocked? Call Splash & Gas for a FREE Quote. A blocked toilet is such an inconvenience and needs to be remedied fast before the Blockage builds up and creates a larger problem. Our qualified plumbers will diagnose the issue as quite often plunging a toilet just does not fix the problem.

Fixture Replacements

Our fully stocked Splash & Gas vehicles are ready to attend your Perth home or business today. We have a collection of taps and fixtures you can choose from to replace yours with, or if you prefer we can also install your own choice. To discuss your plumbing requirements or for an obligation Free fixture or tap repair, replacement and installation estimate contact Splash & Gas today.

24/7 Emergency Responses

Don’t fret Splash and Gas is a friendly and experienced plumbing business operating around the Perth region which offers a 24 hour emergency plumbing service. We cover all plumbing emergencies from repairing leaks, hot water heaters to blockages.

Hot Water Service & Change over

Changing over from Gas to electric hot water or from electric to Gas hot water? Never free we can do either for you effectiivly and at an affordable price. Call us today for your FREE quote.

Pre Purchase Plumbing inspections

A major part of the cost of building a home is the plumbing work, and that plumbing infrastructure is a valuable part of the purchase price with the vendor. If you had to replace the sewer pipes, the water heater, the internal pipes, and the major fittings and fixtures in all your bathrooms, you can see the value and importance of inspecting it.

Burst pipes

Burst Pipes are no joke. We are fully qualified to repair it the right way. Burst pipes can sneak up on you, slowly leaking water for weeks or months without notice until you you receive an alarmingly expensive water bill. On the other hand, massive pipe bursts can cause damage quickly and require instant repair.

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